Reimagined Intervention Management


Panorama Education is proud to share our Reimagined Intervention Management in Student Success. These enhancements were made specifically with interventionists and school-level leaders in mind. Our goal is to make it easier for educators to view both individual and group intervention plans, even when they are not on an intervention team. We've enhanced the available filters to empower educators to sift and sort through intervention plans more efficiently.

Watch the video below for a quick walk through of the Reimagined Intervention Management. Then, review the tabs below to learn about the new features and enhancements that are relevant to specific page views. If you have questions about the functionality of a page view or need more information, please reach out to your Panorama Project team.

Intervention Plans Page

The Intervention Plans Page table view shows more plans on a page with a quick view. All individual and group plans are visible. When users receive an email about a plan, the email will direct users to this table view.

Select the down arrows to unfurl and learn more about specific features or enhancements.


A. Role Based View

The Role Based View feature provides School Administrators the opportunity to view intervention plans, both individual and group plans, even if they are not a part of the intervention team. Select the down arrow to determine the view you wish to see for the Intervention Plan page.


B. New Filters

Educators can use the new filters to assist in monitoring the progress of all the different intervention plans they can view. By default, the Status filter will display In-progress interventions. When the plans are displayed in the table view, they will be arranged in order with the most out-of-date (or in need of progress update) plans on top. Any future plans will be displayed at the bottom of the list.


C. Quick Action Menu

The Quick Action Menu allows educators to complete an action for an intervention plan, without having to click into a student profile.

When an educator is a champion for an intervention plan, they can use the following Quick Actions from the Quick Action Menu: Update progress, Add a note, Print, Complete plan.

When an educator is not a champion for an intervention plan and does not have permission to update the plan, they can use the following Quick Actions from the Quick Action Menu: Add a note, Print.

Summary Page

On the Summary Page, School Admin can see all intervention plans at their school, including individual and group plans, even when the School Admin is not on the intervention team. 

Select the down arrows to unfurl and learn more about specific views on the Summary page.


View by Intervention Type

On the Summary page, all intervention plans are grouped by type: ELA, Math, Other Academics, Behavior, Attendance, SEL. This view provides educators with a holistic view of all of the plans, both group and individual, within a school.



View by Intervention Tier

Within an Intervention Type, educators can see the allocation of the different tiers represented. They can also see data by tier related to the percentage of student enrollment in intervention plans, the number of plans, the percentage of plans on track, and the percentage of plans up to date.

View by Intervention Strategy

Within an Intervention Type and Tier, educators can see an overview of the intervention strategies in use. Selecting a strategy will direct the educator to a table view of the students who are receiving that intervention strategy for that tier and type of intervention plan. 


Group Plans Page

On the Group Plans page, get a quick overview of all plans.

Group Plans Page Features

  • Use the See Only feature to select your desired view.


  • The Group Name links to details about the Group Intervention Plan.


  • When viewing Plans I am the champion for or Plans I am on the team for, the Quick Action menu is available.