FAQs: Math in Student Success

Q: My student was screened on math yesterday; why aren't the scores visible today?

Currently, the Math scores (both progress monitoring and screening) transfer from FastBridge to Student Success on a weekly basis. Once the student has been screened, please check back the following week for the score to populate in Student Success.

Q: Can we add math interventions in Student Success?

Yes. The option to enter math interventions in Student Success has been activated and a limited number of math interventions have been pre-populated in the bank. Your district’s Intervention Bank Editor may add common interventions for your district or you may select the ‘custom’ intervention option when setting up an intervention plan and enter your own details.

Q: Where can I view math data in Student Success?

Math data is available on all reports. 

  • Healthy Indicator Reports (for districts that selected a FastBridge math measure as their default)
  • Mathematics report
  • Overview report
  • Student Individual Profile

School > Mathematics Report

Math healthy indicator reports are available to schools that selected FAST earlyMath, aMath, or CBMmath Automaticity as their default assessment in CASA. See: Introducing Math Healthy Indicator Reports for more information about the differences in math healthy indicators.

Students > Student Individual Profile

As with the literacy assessments, math assessments data and graphs are available under Academics on the student’s individual profile page.

Students tab > Mathematics report

School or Students tab > Overview > Academics indicator 

On the School tab, mathematics is included in the calculation of the Academics indicator
On the Students tab, you may click the arrows at the bottom of the Academics. The visual below represents the expandable view on the Students tab.

See: Using the Overview Report for more information

District or School tab > Custom Reports 

Uses may select math metrics such as ‘on track in mathematics’ or ‘failing mathematics’ which are based on the math portion of the academic indicator on the Overview reports; or select a risk level on specific math measures

More about using custom reports is available in: Create a Custom Report