Review your Group Interventions

Review your Group Interventions

You can see your list of group interventions on the My Group Plans page. This includes interventions that you created and interventions for which you are the champion.

Group interventions are organized by Tier. Within each section you can see the following information about the intervention:

  • Group name
  • Enrollment (number of students/plans) in the group
  • Strategies in use
  • Week: current week of total number of weeks
  • % on track: On track status is defined by the most recent PM score of each individual plan -- a student can be On track (green - above the goal line), Progressing (yellow - somewhat below the goal line), or Behind (red - far below the goal line) when it comes to meeting the goal of the intervention. 
  • % up to date: Up to date is defined by whether the most recent progress update falls within the expected monitoring frequency on the plan. For example, if a plan’s monitoring frequency is set to Weekly, the plan will be up to date (green) if a PM score was collected  in the last week (or progress notes made if not an intervention monitored by automated PM data collection). If it has been more than a week since the last update, an update will be due (yellow). If it has been more than two weeks since the last update, it will be overdue (red).
  • Champion

Click on the group intervention to see additional intervention details and manage the group with options available via the More actions and Manage team buttons:

Within the group, click on the + to the left of the student’s name to view the student’s graph, notes and other details, as well as the student More actions menu.